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Dear Members and Friends,

The goal and/or mission of our program is to establish a center with recreational programs for individuals with autism and related disorders where innovative ideas come together to enhance the lives of individuals and their families. To build new friendships, promote learning, community involvement and disability awareness. Someplace where the body, mind and spirit are supported in attaining their full potential, allowing support for the family in healing and normalizing their lives to the highest degree possible.

The Autism & Related Disabilities Gym Program, Inc. is thriving and has achieved a non-profit status. Our account has been set up and we have started to receive donations. Eventually we would like to see enough volunteers present so that the families can have a strong support group meeting in a separate room.

With future resources we would like to enhance our existing recreation program with the following activities:

  • Sponsored Swim Lessons
  • Art therapy
  • Open play with a coach for more structured activities
  • Field trips (Disney, Sea World, Discovery Cove, Zoo, Parks, etc..)
  • Therapeutic riding
  • Support group meetings (weekly) Autism news presentations (latest interventions, local resources, etc...)
  • Fund-raisers
  • Expanded outreach

We currently hold a "Special Night for Special Parents Dinner" in the fall, which is made possible by the Winter Garden Elks Lodge #2165. This event is to honor the parents of our special kids and provide a relaxing dinner, including prizes and entertainment. This year, we will have an end of the year pool party as well as a December holiday party in the pool area. Our recent fund raiser, a car wash, was very successful. Future event information will be sent as it becomes available.

Our mailing list consists of approximately 300 families who are welcome to participate whenever possible. As always, all disabilities, all ages, and all family members are invited to attend. Although some families can only come once in a while, everyone is always welcome to join in the fun anytime! If you would like to add your name to our mailing address for either email or postal service mail, please email your name and contact information to us.

Thank you all so much and we are looking forward to a program that will grow and benefit everyone!

Jo-Anne Houwers
Autism & Related Disabilities Gym Program, Inc.

407-234-7456 Cell

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